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They did it again!

Tempus Cucumis: The Story of C and the Lowering Skies

Tempus Cucumis’ 2022 summer project is available on all popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

Livestream from the ROAD studio

Earlier experiments

Tempus Cucumis: When All has Gone Tits Up

Singer-songwriter music. (2017)
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Tempus Cucumis: Lieder für schreckliche Zeiten

Mostly upcycled old songs, recorded during lockdown. (2020)
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Tempus Cucumis: The Dark Sessions

Prog-rock with a late 70’s vibe. (2018)
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Tempus Cucumis: Mini Mouton (film music)

Prog-rock soundtrack to a silent movie. (2021)
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Tempus Cucumis: Down the Road, Not Across

Industrial classical music. (2019)
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